Management and Utilisation of Catchment Water Resources

Catchment Water Planning

Water management at a catchment- or Basin-scale has become a central and critical area of responsibility for State and Commonwealth Governments. The increasingly high-profile issues of water entitlement, policy development, cross-border equity and water use compliance are all fundamentally underpinned by modelling tools and assessment methods, and the interpretation thereof, to formulate water policy and accounting rules.

ODH has experience and expertise in understanding, developing and applying catchment-scale modelling tools and techniques. We have a thorough understanding of the linkages between the modelling, the defined policy framework and settings, and consequent real-world accounting rules, environmental flow outcome implications and effects on individual’s entitlements. This means that we are uniquely placed to provide support and advice from the perspective of all stakeholders, including the modellers, policy officers, water users and environmental groups.

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Due to an increasing importance of water regulation, accountability and efficiency of use.

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Basin- and catchment-scale assessment of environmental and water supply performance outcomes


Modelling and advice for catchment water plan areas

Hydrologic modelling support for development, construction and changes within catchments

Hydrologic model development

Expert model review, verification and quality assurance

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