Water Management and Use in the Mineral and Energy Industries


ODH has extensive experience in mine water management and supply for a wide range of clients and projects – from the small, such as Toms Gully in the Northern Territory, to the very large such as Cadia Gold Mine in NSW.

We possess thorough knowledge of both the detail of on-site mine water use and management requirements, as well as the wider requirements and implications in terms of water planning and environmental objectives. This means that we are able to bridge the gap between project-specific operational issues and the approvals-based requirements of, and discussions with, Departmental and other stakeholders.


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Supporting the economic, social and environmental elements of water use.





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Project water and salt balance modelling (water supply and water management)


Modelling of projects within a whole of catchment context

Hydrologic supply modelling

Hydrologic modelling support and assessment for the development of renewable energy systems

Such as pumped hydro schemes

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