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About Us

ODH is a specialist consulting firm that provides expert advice and support for hydrological and water resources issues and modelling.

Our company provides high-quality advice and support in all aspects of hydrology, water supply, water management and water resource planning throughout Australia.

We are particularly experienced in providing advice and support in water resource management, planning and/or development. This includes associated model development and development of climatic/hydrologic datasets for historically‐based and stochastic assessment for application to a wide range of projects and clients. 

While we avoid the classic company ‘Mission Statement’ of how we approach our work, what we aim to do with each project we contribute to and each client we support, is to genuinely care about providing good support and advice which stands up under scrutiny, is 100% independent and is based on robust science and understanding.

This means we are always seeking to stay up-to-date or ahead of the game in terms of our understanding of hydrological and water resource use, development, assessment and policy.

We also ensure that we provide our advice and support to the full range of private and public sector clients, and across the full range of industries and areas for which water is a critical issue. This focus on seeking to contribute to all sides of water resource management and development is a key part of our ability to maintain our independence and (we believe) provide confidence that our advice can be relied upon by all parties.

The Team

Hydrology Specialists

ODH was founded in 2013 and now consists of three full-time professional staff. Our senior personnel have a combined total of over 30 years direct, detailed experience in projects right around Australia.

Our employment of more junior personnel has been focussed on skills and interests in both the critical technical aspects of our work as well as the policy frameworks and real-world implications of water resource planning throughout Australia.

Our team is motivated and experienced in a broad range of areas, with particular skills in hydrological/water resource assessment from the project level up to catchment- and basin-scale. We have a thorough understanding of modelling and assessment, and (importantly) the linkages between the modelling, the policy and political frameworks, and the real-world opportunities and impacts.

Owen Droop
Director / Principal Water Resources Engineer

Owen has extensive experience in all aspects of hydrology, water supply, water management and water resource planning throughout Australia.

Sanne Voogt
Senior Water Resources Scientist / Hydrologist

Sanne has extensive experience in various aspects of hydrologic modelling, including the rigorous testing of modelling platforms, the development and testing of models and water supply options, and the development of pre‐ and post‐processing software tools.

Joel Rutten
Water Resources Scientist

Joel is a recent graduate who has joined ODH with the already highly developed technical skills critical in the modelling and practical aspects of hydrology and water resource assessment.

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